Equipment Details

The machinery are Trutzschler Blow Room with contamination detector for cotton, Trutzschler Carding DK 903/ TC 03, Rieter Auto-Leveller Draw Frame, Rieter Combers, Howa and Toyoda auto doffing ring frame, Automatic Link Orion Savio Winders with Electronic Yarn Clearers and Schlaforst autoconers with electronic yarn clearer, Murata TFO Doublers, Rieter Comforjet Machines, Schlaforst Open end Machines.

Production Details

Total No. of Ring Spindles- 135000
Total Production of Ringspun Yarns/Month 3200 TONS
Total No. of Open end Rotors 864
Total Production of Open end Yarns / Month 125 TONS
Total No. of Airjet Spindles (Rieter Comforjet ) 500
Total Air Jet Spun Yarn Production / Month 175 TONS


PT. Embee Plumbon Tekstil
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